Seven Reasons Why Rainy is the Best Season

Philippines hate the rain and most people go berserk about it. I can’t blame my folks. It can be light but most of the time, a catastrophe. Strong rain can take away properties, businesses and even humans. It’s destructive, but also a natural event. It’s unstoppable, and not even a sun dance you have seen from a popular local movie will prevent the rain from pouring.


“Even in a bad situation, there’s always a positive side. Even if you can’t see it yet.” – Susane Colasanti

So we might as well learn to love it and live with it! Here are seven good reasons why:

Class Suspension

Admit it. You don’t usually watch the news but whenever you see the soggy weather, you silently wish for another day off from school. You wake up early and wait until the government suspends your class and when they finally announce it, you are one happy kid. The rain gives you an excuse to bum and have fun. You can sleep all you want, binge-watch your favorite series, finish a backlog of homework, or you, like what I usually do, can pull an all-nighter to read a book and get lost on the pages. The best part is you can escape from going to the gym or you can also sneak in a workout. My friend asked, “Is Netflix marathon considered an exercise?” I said yes.

Coffee tastes like a hug from a cup.

Your favorite spicy seafood noodle soup, beef mami or sweltering bulalo taste better when the rain is pouring it’s heart out. You might as well enjoy making your own coffee and sipping it while counting or tracing the raindrops from your window. The chill that the weather brings in and the warm you get from your cup make it so extra cozy.

Cuddle Weather

Either it be with someone or just with your pillow, it’s always the best time to get under a thick blanket and snuggle up. It’s so warm and cozy and happy and delightful and peaceful and all positive adjectives combined together. Totally my kind of weather.

You have an excuse to wear your leather jacket and wellies without being judged!

Try to wear some pair of boots and a coat when it’s scorching hot and they will label you crazy. When I’m out in public during summer wearing a denim jacket I always feel like I am walking in a strange way and also have people giving me weird stares. But when it’s raining, people don’t usually care about how you look so you might as well dress up the way you want and be comfortable about it. I’m actually writing this blog post in my favorite coffee shop wearing my favorite over-sized hoodie and pajamas while it’s raining outside. And look at these fellow patrons throwing me some envy looks. Yes, I know it’s comfy!

Rainfall complements sad songs.

Isn’t it better to listen to music during grey days? That heartbreaking OPM playlist is deeply felt and intensified when it’s raining. This weather is the perfect time to listen to your favorite sad song and feel happy or melancholic or romantic at the same time. Or you can choose to not listen to any kind of music at all since the rain is universally acknowledged as the most relaxing sound in the world. No wonder it’s considered a therapy to some. It’s so pleasing in the ears.

You can dance in the rain.

You can start splashing in the wet pavements and do a crazy dance move. You can also try singing in it because no one would notice. Or you and your loved one can pretend to be Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun from The Notebook and kiss each other under the rain. It would be so perfectly romantic!

Rainbow won’t exist without the downpour.

According to The Bible, rainbow is a positive symbol to never again destroy the Earth with floods. My heart flutters with awe whenever I see one because it represents God’s love to His people and faithfulness to His promises. Rainbows make you hope for a better day even in this chaotic and tough world we live in. It’s still raining outside, I hope I’ll get a chance to see one tomorrow.


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